Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. In this exercise, the clue button [?] will help you make your choice.
(Thanks to ENAC for this exercise)
Taxiing in and taxiing out To prepare for the vocabulary used in this exercise, here is a transcript
CTL Taxi slowly,I’ll call you back with a stand. The apron is a bit at the moment.
PIL Roger.
CTL Stand Charlie 15, after passing the intersection due work in progress,caution on approaching your stand. There’s no marshaller available due .
PIL Can we taxi to Delta 12 instead? We’ve just been advised the refuellers are over there.
(Aircraft has just come on to the frequency after landing).
PIL Ground, GAPSL, .
CTL GSL, taxiways 1, 7, 6 and 4, to the General Aviation Terminal, they’ve for Stand 6 but I think that’s wrong.
PIL We’d like to use Stand 6. Could you ask to confirm the stand number?
CTL They’ve confirmed it by phone, taxi to 6.
PIL Ground, GSL, Stand 6 seems by vehicles; all three of them are parked on the stand, .
CTL OK GSL, . If they don’t move, . Caution the Cessna taxiing towards you from your left.
PIL Ground,Spanair 521 is taxiing in.
CTL Roger, Spanair 521. Taxi to the junction of one and six, and hold there, . , taxiways are , Taxi via north taxiway. about the 737 , he is to the maintenance area.
PIL American 887,ready to taxi, I’m not your airport,could you please guide me to the runway-in-use?
CTL American 887,taxiways 4,5 and 1 to holding point; passing the North Park, due work in progress.
CTL You are taking the direction. Runway-in-use is 23, turn right and to taxiway number 5. the STOP sign on the left-hand side of the taxiway.
CTL There’s a 747 near the holding-point of runway 23R, caution the men and equipment who are just by the plane.
PIL 25L vacated
CTL Stand 11 via taxiway 2
PIL Confirm that there’s a fuel hydrant on E 11.
CTL Negative, but I’ll get a refueller* (*or tanker or bowser)
PIL Would you confirm that there is a security van waiting for us? We are carrying a , and the company won’t answer us on company frequency.
CTL Affirm,I can see it on your stand.
PIL Can you arrange for a to meet us on the stand?
CTL Roger,I will advise your company.
PIL Lufthansa 125, runway vacated.
CTL Taxi to Charlie 16,turn second left.
PIL ……no reply……
CTL Lufthansa 125, I say again second left.
PIL I didn’t receive ,we’ve got beyond the intersection now,maybe we could turn round
CTL Negative,there is work in progress ahead,you would the men and equipment, I’ll call for a tug. He’ll push you back to the intersection.
PIL Spanair 600, push back complete,request taxi.
CTL Spanair 600, a 747 on taxiway 6,crossing you from right to left,number 2 to him,taxi via taxiways 2,6, 7 and 1 to holding point E
PIL 600, 2, 6, 7 and 1 to E, behind the 747.
CTL Please taxi. There’s a Dornier . Caution the in operation on taxiway number 6.