PCE 1a Ground Movements Part 2. Gapfill Exercise


Fill in all the gaps, then press "Check" to check your answers. In this exercise, the clue button [?] will help you make your choice.
(Thanks to ENAC for this exercise)
Taxiing in and taxiing out To prepare for the vocabulary used in this exercise, here is a transcript
Taxiing in and Taxiing out. Continued
Please . Taxi to the hangar direct
, caution for the 767 to your left
Do you want to be towed to D6?
Follow the yellow line to your left along the
Please , a 146 is going to pass you
I don’t think you’ve got enough space to the Cessna
Taxi via taxiway number seven to holding point runway 26, report approaching the
You can release after next turn
Vehicle Driver messages
FIRE VEHICLE We’re proceeding to the apron to a
CTL Caution when proceeding along the United hangars, has been spilt on the ramp
CTL Proceed straight ahead to Bravo 5 then
CTL Proceed on mid-taxiway to executive terminal
Non-routine radio messages
PIL Flight operations have just told us we are to 30 passengers from a Lufthansa flight that’s been . I’ll call you back for start-up.
PIL There’s going to be a 15 minute delay for start-up, the to our satellite has
PIL Ground handling had to a bigger at the last minute and we’re being on the apron.
PIL We may have to cancel our departure, ‘cause the has just been damaged by a . I’ll call you back when check is complete.
PIL Luggage loading not yet complete, they say the has . That means at least a 30 minute delay.
PIL We won’t be ready to start up until 10.15,we’re being delayed by a problem.
PIL There’s a in , we will have to delay start-up, I’ll call you back
CTL Taxi for F1.
PIL That’s a long way from the passenger gate. Haven’t you got anything closer to the ?
CTL Sorry, but the apron by the south terminal is at the moment.
(To an outbound aircraft taxiing past the control tower)
CTL There’s a under the aircraft that seems to be .
PIL Roger, a has just , we’ll stop here, if it’s OK with you and .
PIL We’ve just skidded off Runway 26 and we can’t seem to get back on to the , left gear appears to be . Can you ?
CTL Affirm
CTL say there’ll be no available tug until 11.15
CTL I am unable to issue taxi instructions, the Port Authority tell me they your aircraft
PIL Do you have a reason for this?
CTL Negative, it’s not , I am only passing the message.
CTL Your isn’t yet , advise (when) complete.
CTL Your aircraft has not been cleared by customs; customs advise that they require you to return to stand for clearance.
PIL Negative, I’ve got the together with the right here with me.
CTL OK,I’ll call them back and check.
PIL 28R .
CTL Stand Charlie 15. Report parking on stand and don’t the passengers . The police want to search the plane, they must be looking for drugs.
PIL Could you arrange on the apron by the police?,we’ve got an of rugby fans on board.
CTL In fact the police are already on the apron a previous aircraft with the same problem.
PIL We have what seems to be a on board, .
CTL Say again, I was the phone.
PIL We need an ambulance for a seriously ill passenger.
CTL advise us that they will be meeting you,they say that your passengers must stay on board until cleared.
PIL Did they give you a reason?
CTL It seems there is a at your departure airfield
CTL Bealine 887,I’ve got a light aircraft with radio failure taxiing in to the GAT (General Aviation Terminal), taxiway 5 6 (he goes)
PIL Roger, Bealine 887 is holding on 4.
PIL We must have a tyre on the . Can we on the right-hand side of the taxiway?
CTL Pull in quickly, there’s a Dornier 328 behind you,can you taxi in or do you want to be towed?