Audio Podcast and other resources for English Teachers

BBC The Why Factor Explanations of “why we do what we do” covering a vast range of human activities, taken from unusual and interesting angles.

VOA Special English: different levels of English based on news reports and documentaries. Here you can find slowly-and-clearly spoken podcasts for your lower level controllers to gain confidence in listening.

Ted Talks radio hour for audio podcasts, mainly philosophical viewpoints of our world. Very well done.

Apple podcasts offer a variety of short podcasts proposed to English learners. These are often short converstations between two English speakers, complete with transcripts and supporting materials. Try this one.

If you want everyday phrases and slang, try the BBC Learning English. Here’s an example of a clearly spoken podcast, even accessible to level 3’s! A wake-up Call

Try ELLLO (English Listening Library Online) for a wonderful range of listening activities, including videos, across all ranges of difficulty.  Among them, “One Minute English,” over 1000 quickie clips, with transcripts, covering many subjects. Try this one.

The British Council‘s aim is to build connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language.
It has a vast website for ESL teachers, full of ideas and resources. Here’s an example of an interesting classroom activity: “accident anecdotes.”

Here are three more sites that I intend to explore in the coming weeks:

English Club all sorts blogs, resources listening and speaking activities
One stop English (paid version better)

Fellow Rater/Instructors: Please propose any resources that you use that might be added to this list! Send ’em to