Controller Nitty Gritty

This page contains exercises that focus on the actual work of a controller: articles, training material, situations involving pilot or controller error, etc.

Callsign Confusion listening and gap-filling exercise with video from Eurocontrol.

Here’s an activity which will help you revise your Ground Movements vocabulary, as well as giving you listening practice.

Prepare for the unexpected with the “Unusual Incidents” activity and Eurocontrol publication.

Would you like to revise your weather vocabulary? here are some activities that will hone your listening skills and give you a good soaking!

Practice your translation skills with some long, hard pilot messages here. It’s an audio matching exercise.

Follow the adventure of a JFK controller dealing with an airspace violator disturbing traffic on final.

Consult this SKYbrary* page on Stabilized Approach Considerations for Controllers. (February 2021)

*Skybrary: See page on “useful aviation publications/sites