“Structures” is the way that ICAO refers to “grammar.” Perhaps in order to sound less scary!

Let’s revise some grammar structures that often need to be revised, even with level fours or higher:

Firstly, a refresher of the verb “to be.” (This is a level 3 exercise but it might be a good idea to revise the different tenses of this important verb.

Do you know whether to use say or tell? Try this exercise with it’s explanation.

Now see if you can match some phrasal verbs with their equivalents. While we’re on the subject of phrasal verbs, try this crossword with audio clues.

Would you like to know when to choose “as” or “like?”

Here’s an explanation of verb participles explained in the special English (spoken very clearly and slowly) page from VOA (Voice of America).

Now try this word order activity.

Can you translate “sa barbe est blanche” without falling into the trap? Sort out your possessive adjectives and pronouns here.

Wow! It’s confusing using “Used to” Click here to make sure you know the difference between: to use used to + verb to be/get used to + noun to be/get used to + doing?”

Here’s an exercise on Reported Speech (also available with a brief explanation in Itinerary 1)

Practice the three types of Conditionals.

Use conjunctions to help the flow of your conversation

or try these prepositions (thanks to Boukary for contributing most of this collection!)

How do you translate “faire faire quelque chose ?”

Would you like to practice asking questions? This is a tough exercise; don’t hesitate to use the “clue” button, especially in the gapfill exercise.

still under construction – many more grammatical exercises to come!