Yes, of course, you can’t improve interaction without a face to face teacher.
So, next time you’re in an English speaking context, consider the following ICAO level descriptors as preparation for improvement of Interaction:

Interaction, as described for level 3: Responses are usually immediate, appropriate, and informative. Initiates and maintains exchanges even when dealing with an unexpected turn of events. Deals adequately with apparent misunderstandings by checking, confirming, or clarifying.

Interaction, as described for level 4: Responses are immediate, appropriate, and informative. Manages the speaker/listener relationship effectively.

Interaction, as described for level 5: Interacts with ease in nearly all situations. Is sensitive to verbal and non-verbal cues, and responds to them appropriately.

So, next time you’re asked to describe or explain something, be aware of your relationship with your interlocutor. Don’t hesitate to ask for clarification if you didn’t understand the question (“Sorry, I didn’t catch that last sentence…”) or give informative answers to questions. Convince your interlocutor that you’re really listening and reacting to what he says. Be curious and dare to ask him a question or two!