Itinerary 2

More exercises to help you maintain level 4 and advance!

  1. Start with a little  ATIS training exercise used by ENAC students.
  2. And now, how about revising your weather vocabulary? On the Weather Page you’ll find series of exercises: clouds/wind/visibility/turbulence, precipitation/runway conditions.

Remember: there are no short cuts to improving your English level! You’ll need about 50 hours of English study, including lots of listening, to gain just a half-level ICAO. Perhaps it’s time for a little grammar:

3.   Try  some aviation phrasal verbs

4. And, for a bit of amusement, listen to a grumpy French controller dealing with an English Sunday Pilot.

5. Learn about a jet blast incident

6. Now try a useful activity for gaining fluency: describing a picture

7. They, there, they’re and their are often confused. Learn to sort them out.

8. It’s time now to look at some useful grammar structures: how do we translate “faire faire quelque chose” ?

(under construction; more to come!)