Itinerary 1

It is estimated that you need 100 hours of English study, including lots of listening, to progress half a level on the ICAO grid. This “itinerary” offers you a series of multimedia activities designed to help you reach or maintain level 4 English.

First, let’s take a look at the OACI definition, in French, of levels 3 and 4 (open the .pdf and scroll down)
    Let’s rectify some mistakes that are typical indicators of lower-than-level-four-OACI English:

1. (Structures) – proposition infinitive: I want you to orbit right (incorrect: I want that you orbit right)

2. listening : African Air Safety

3. (structures) – say versus tell   which one to choose?

4. (Listening, vocab) – Ground Movements    video documentary
         Ground Movements    

5 – Reported speech: => she told us she needed fuel urgently (The usual mistake for a begginer is to use the present tense: she told us “we need fuel urgently!”

6 – Omission of plural and third person “s” The omission of a plural “s” could be dangerous: you could give the impression that there is only one jet, one passenger, one bird… when, in fact, there are several!

7- Poor control of negatives is another indicator of a low level. Familiarize yourself with proper negatives!

8- Now, are you ready for a live traffic listening exercise? Let’s start with a Montreal Departure Pre-flight recording (it’s short but quite hard – keep trying! And don’t forget to use the hint button.)

9. back to grammar! Take a look at there is/are

10. Now to practice listening again, with an audio matching exercise

11. How about a video? Just sit back and watch a pilot-candidate take an interactive mock exam at a school in Brazil: English4ICAO.  It’s a school for pilots for the ICAO test and certified by CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY in teaching English

12. Try this little exercise – some audio multiple choice questions.

13. Are you ready for a little progress test? Or would you prefer to go back and revise some of the exercises?

…and now it’s time to send me an e-mail to tell me about your progress! Let’s chat!

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