Itinerary 3

A little circuit to maintain your level 4 and even head towards level 5 

1. As a first activity, let’s be ambitious and try the TF Green Confusion – a comedy of errors that might have been a tragedy if it weren’t for two pilots who refused a clearance to take off.

2. Then, if you’re in the mood, a fun video activity of the New York weather forecast, presented by Adeola, a young Nigerian weather girl.

3. (structures) a quick revision of some negative forms. (fairly advanced jumbled negative sentences)

4. Now, just match up these written sentences which demonstrate a range of negatives. When you’re ready, try their audio equivalents.
5 – in order to prepare for the live traffic gapfill exercises to follow, please read this preliminary reading first

6. Let’s now try a some fast talking ATC at Vero Beach Twr, Florida  Here’s another chance to swat up your phraseology:  preliminary reading and chart

7. We might as well do some revision of irregular verbs at this time. Here’s a selection of verbs often used in aviation.

 8. back to grammar! A few aviation phrasal verbs, then take a look at there is/are

9. Now to practice listening again, with an audio matching exercise 

 10. A little pronunciation work, now. You have to find which syllable takes the main, or primary stress

 11. Try this audio quiz

12. We’d like you now – once and for all – to clear up the confusion between use/used to/is used to/get used to. I admit they’re hard to use, but your English will improve if you remember their use. (and heck the different pronunciation of each of these highlighted words!) Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!

Here’s a little jumbled-sentence activity concerning a very lucky ultralight pilot.

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