Itinerary 4

A varied suite of activities designed to refresh your aviation English.

1. You’re probably used to listening to rather grumpy controllers at New York’s very busy airport but this time you’ll be surprised by a very accommodating controller dealing with a Lufthansa pilot’s request.

2. Now you’re ready to learn about the “CessPer” with its gapfill and a crossword that will bring your attention to a fascinating accident with a happy end. There’s also a link to a very informative website that’s still posting information about the Double Decker

3. What about a bit of grammar now? Here’s how we can make a noun from verb: Gerund as subject.

4. Now put on your headset and spend some time in the vast library of Live Traffic Exercises.

5. Here’s a short gapfill exercise about pilots being struck by laser pointers.

6. Let’s not forget our specialized vocabulary: here’s a string of vocab refresher exercisers:

7. Here’s a fast-flowing listening and gapfilling exercise: Car Repair

8. What about a quick gap-filling exercise about a driving hazard, recorded by JB himself!

9. Time for a little fun with words: an aviation crossword.

10. And a little challenge in the form of a proverb containing only two-letter words! And a second challenge: find the contradictory proverbs.

and now it’s time to send us an e-mail: to tell us about your progress!