Listening Practice

Some exercises to help you train your ear to the sounds of English: glottal stops, schwas, different local accents, or just plain listening…

  1. short phrases audio matching exercise

2. another short phrases audio matching exercise

3. some longer audio matching exercises which will help you revise your aviation knowledge.
exercise 1
exercise 2
exercise 3

Please excuse this momentary deviation from aviation but here’s a fun motorcycle audio matching exercise we made for some biker friends to prepare for riding Route 66

And now, how about some traffic listening, read by ENAC teachers. This is a tough exercise, so you’d better first go through the preparation exercise proposed on the live traffic page.

Would you like more of this? Here’s part 2 of the traffic exercise read by ENAC teachers.

Here’s a tool for students who need to improve their listening: check out the suggestion about Ted Talks transcripts under the page “Teaching Tools and Tricks

Here are some accents from different parts of the world

Under construction: Here’s some fun with Limericks. Do you know what a Limerick is?