Remote Dictation Game

Here, you set up an audio player to play a looped recording at low volume in another room, or a distant corner of a big training room, and create competing teams of 1 to 3 persons, with the following rules.

  • only one person at a time at the listening post, listens as long as he wants, returns to his base, sharing and writing what he has remembered.
  • His arrival permits another team member to go to the listening post.
  • no pens allowed at the listening post. The listener memorises what he can, then takes it back – in his head – to the base.

still under construction:

Here is a downloadable kit for a “remote dictation” containing a report on Clear Air Turbulence.

And another one for the “Goodyear Inflatable Aircraft.” Students will want to see the video after doing this remote listening exercise.