Teaching Tools and Tricks

Here are some ideas for activities that might appeal to you or your students

Using the Quiz maker in Google Forms. (Here’s a YouTube link to a tutorial)

The game Level4Bust A great resource for all those who want to maintain their ICAO Language level 4 or simply improve their aviation English. (I’ll soon be adding a page dedicated to this great game and showing how it can be tailored to your needs).

Djibril’s Magic Moments and other flip-chart activities (make page for Djibril and another for brainstorming)

The Remote dictation. Great audio training. A lot of fun, too!


Try my Conversation/Grammar game. Here students have to tell a story, true or imaginary, and they have to slip into their narrative a couple of specific grammar points that they probably would never dare use at their current level. The rest of the class have to guess whether (1) the story is true, and (2) what the grammar obligations were. My suggestion: download the .docx version and you can add grammar challenges or modify the game to suit your specific needs.



With ISLcollective YOU can create ESL /EFL video lessons built on interesting interactive popup video quizzes featuring any Youtube and Vimeo clip.  Try this one, for example. Or this one that I whipped up in a matter of seconds! Or this lesson from the song I wrote for you guys. (Be careful to click on the video and avoid the publicity traps!) ISL Collective also has good downloadable worksheets and other teaching materials – and it’s free!)

Don’t forget that Roger and Judy can make recordings for you of texts for lessons that you wish to create: just send the text and the instructions to us.

Here’s a trick that really belongs on the “Useful Aviaton Publications and Sites” page. If your students go to this Ted Talks presentation “The future of flying is electrifying,” and select “transcript,” he can then click on any line of the text and hear the speaker pronounce that sentence, over and over again if he wishes! A great tool – and a very interesting talk, to boot!