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December 21, 2022

US Congress gives Boeing a Reprieve on 737 Max Cockpit Changes
Revealed in The New York Times are full details.  Consult the article from December 20, 2022

July and August, 2021 


French forces help Sky Mali plane in bad weather landing.

Samedi March 27,  2021   105 passengers “saved” by French military in the tower. Do you know anything about this, Siaka ?
Here’s the link to the French Army posting (in French, sorry!):

Ethiopian Airlines 737 lands at Wrong Airport.

Monday April 4  An Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 flying from from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (ADD), to Ndola, Zambia (NLA) landed at the wrong airport near its destination. Check out this news report from Ethiopan’s publication, “”

This article also gives some other cases of planes landing on the wrong runway.  And if you’re still looking for more cases, contact Roger who’ll tell you a rather funny story about when one of his colleagues lost touch with a Russian plane bound for Marseille.