Useful Aviation Publications/Sites

Roger’s list of aviation publications and sites for improving your English.

SKYbrary (Eurocontrol) news, newsroom, newsletter, “tweets,” aviation safety information for pilots and controllers Click Here for an example of a Skybrary video on Wake Turbulence.

Callback: – a monthly aviation safety newsletter which includes easily downloadable, de-identified ASRS report excerpts with supporting commentary in a popular “lessons learned” format. This is part of the ASRS Database, theworld’s largest repository of voluntary, confidential safety information provided by aviation personnel: controllers, mechanics, flight attendants, and dispatchers.

CHIRP – the UK Confidential Reporti ng Programme for Aviation.

AVweb – Some terribly useful stuff: podcasts, articles, videos. You just have to put up with the ads!

Ted Talks. Video presentations/lectures on a myriad of topics, all with a sub-title option. Try this one about technology access across Africa. There’s also a link to Ted Talks radio hour for audio podcasts.

PPRuNe Forums  is an aviation website dedicated to airline pilots and those who are considering a career in aviation.. Registration is free and you can have access to hundreds of topics, including pilots’ comments and observations about flying in Africa:

CNN African Voices – Changemakers. The well-known news station proposes interesting video reports from Africa. Here’s one about Kenya’s female pilots. And another, featuring Captain Irene Koki Mutungi, a Dreamliner Captain.

SimpleFlying is a site that claims to be the largest aviation news website. Try this recent article on “why aviation uses nautical miles

Here’s a page that defends and supports the aviation industry after the “Flygskam” (Flight Shaming) ecology campaign began gaining momentum.

African Aerospace. This online site for African Aerospace Magazine contains news and features, mainly concerning business and technology around Africa. Podcasts are available.

Skywise is the site that brings together tailored news, notifications and alerts from the CAA, the UK regulatory body. The alerts are mainly technical updates and unless you’re looking for a specific theme for your lesson, it’s pretty hard to find usable materials. Check it out, anyway!

If you’re a trainer or a rater, think about joining ICAEA (International Civil Aviation English Association) where English teaching professionals offer useful Powerpoint presentations and webinars to promote best practices in training, testing and using English in aviation.

 Now here’s an ESL (English as a Second Language) site that’s worth visiting. ISL Collective has some good and innovative activities such as this one for revising present simple vs present perfect.  Good downloadable worksheets and other teaching materials – and it’s free! And YOUcan create ESL /EFL video lessons built on interesting interactive popup video quizzes featuring any Youtube and Vimeo clip.  Try this one, for example. Or this quickie that I whipped up in a matter of seconds!